Eagle Ford

Improve production through better wellbore placement

Since we’ve worked on 97% of all the Eagle Ford wells, we know how to drill a quality wellbore in vertical and directional intervals. We gather, organize, and analyze the right data to determine the right approach quicker. Our drill bits, drilling fluids, and directional drilling services combined with basin best practices enable you to reduce cost with less drilling time while maximizing production.

We continue to push performance limits with new designs and techniques for record-setting field success. Even when drilling is good, we take the initiative to challenge traditional methodologies and make significant design improvements that fall to your bottom line.

Reduce cost with the right PDC bit

In the Eagle Ford trend, where our bits have drilled more than 900,000 ft [274,300 m], our PDC bits are drilling the tough surface intervals cost effectively. In the 14 3/4-in. and 12 1/4-in. surface sections, we’re setting new performance benchmarks with an aggressive design, optimal hydraulics, and solid stability. Vibration is reduced for maximum drilling efficiency.

In the intermediate intervals, our Quantec™ premium PDC offers superior wear resistance with impact durability. Patented depth-of-cut control technology ensures stability, improved toolface control, and smooth formation transitions.

Increased drilling efficiency with precise steering

Our reservoir navigation expertise enables you to navigate within a target window using LWD curves acquired while drilling. Real-time steering recommendations are based on accurate data from proprietary reservoir-navigation software offering you comprehensive downhole information for wellbore location in zone. You’ll be able to see the planned wellbore trajectory with changing bed dips and/or faults so you can make proactive steering decisions.