Williston Basin

Increase estimated ultimate recovery with multistage fracturing

After working nearly 60 years in the Williston basin, we continue to reduce wellbore construction costs, lower cost-per-foot drilled, and minimize NPT. Our multistage completion expertise enables the best possible reservoir performance for your oil-shale project.

We successfully ran a 24-stage completion in the Williston basin for Whiting Petroleum Corp. This was the largest number of stages ever run using a ball/sleeve method for isolation. Our FracPoint™ EX multistage fracturing system in the Ogden 1-31H well allowed the single-trip isolation of 24 intervals with an 8,000-psi pressure rating while achieving high frac rates through all of the ball seats.

Better production after efficient fracture stimulation

In the Bakken shale, we apply selective hydraulic fracturing of the tight, thin layers without fracturing unwanted portions of the complex rock network. Zonal-isolation for extended-reach wells is optimizing fracture-treatment placement throughout an entire lateral length. Isolation packers and frac sleeves or packers and composite frac plugs enable enhanced production.

Openhole completion technology ensures efficient fracturing at a lower cost to achieve completion and full production faster.

Maximize return on investment with an integrated approach

Application-specific drilling technology at higher ROP delivers exceptional wellbore quality. While-drilling formation evaluation technology and geosteering applications offer better fracture orientation/identification and bed-boundary recognition.

We identify the right solutions to cost effectively drill, complete, and produce your Bakken oil-shale well whether vertical or extended reach. Directional drilling ensures a long lateral length.

If your team and ours determine a multilateral approach is best, we work with you to reduce environmental concerns and drilling cost. We’re continuing to research new technology that will reduce your CAPEX and increase production so you can work smarter and faster.

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