Reduce drilling days using extended-reach wells

We’re maximizing productivity in this low-porosity, low-permeability basin with extended-reach wells. Increasing lateral length by several hundred feet is boosting gas recovery with five fewer drilling days in some projects. We’re improving horizontal well delivery time and overcoming drilling/geological challenges.

Steer to the sweet spot efficiently

Our geosteering experts on the Reservoir Navigation Services team will be on-site to monitor the well’s progress. They’ll recommend real-time well-path adjustments and operating procedures following the correct geological, geophysical and petrophysical requirements. Our AutoTrak™ rotary closed-loop system, with its field-proven steering technology, optimizes wellbore placement in the productive zone.  

Geosteering expertise—and precise shale-well project planning—will enable you to drill and complete difficult horizontal wells ahead of time from improved ROP and decreased hole tortuosity. Unnecessary drilling course corrections are reduced significantly.

A better well plan increases ROP and decreases drilling cost

In the first of these two Woodford shale gas wells, we worked with an operator’s team to reduce high friction and wellbore tortuosity that caused poor WOB transfer and drilling inefficiency in the offsets. The AutoTrak system drilled the complex wellbore profile smoothly with minimum tortuosity. ROP increased 12% to 19 ft/hr compared with the lateral interval drilled with conventional directional drilling assemblies. Cost-per-foot decreased to $166 from $177.

Based on this success, the operator asked us to drill a second well. We improved the drillstring design, optimized the BHA, and enhanced the drilling parameters by analyzing the first well’s vibration and drilling data. With the AutoTrak system, there was no stick-slip or backward rotation. ROP increased 74% to 80 ft/hr compared with the interval average of 46 ft/hr. On-bottom rotating time decreased by five days.


Reservoir Navigation Services

This multidisciplinary approach reduces NPT and maximizes production by keeping your wellbore in the pay zone.

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