Shale Solutions

Drive performance and efficiency across the asset life-cycle

Baker Hughes shale solutions comprise technology and trusted services that promote smart spending, increased production performance, and operational efficiency across the life of your shale gas and oil project. What sets us apart is our people and their ability to consistently offer extraordinary service and support in a systematic way that ensures teamwork, economic growth, and cost optimization.

We take a strategic approach to blending technology and vision that embraces project design flexibility. After identifying subsurface challenges and opportunities, our engineers design a plan that eliminates unnecessary cost and risk. By matching our capabilities to your objectives and operational requirements, our experts transform your shale investment into a lucrative asset.

This unified framework allows us to easily offer you the most efficient and effective combination of people, processes, and technology at the right time, every time.

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Shale Completion Optimization

Rely on our expertise to choose the right technology from cemented liners and openhole systems to multilateral technology and hydraulic fracturing for greater production.


Shale Production Enhancement

Shale production enhancement solutions maximize the return on your investment by mitigating production decline for optimal shale gas and oil recovery.


Shale Engineering

Our shale engineering team forecasts production, optimizes trajectories, and refines fracture design. We find solutions that are technically sound, practical, and cost-effective.


Shale Performance Engineering

Construct quality wellbores that yield greater returns. Collaborate with us to optimize directional control, well placement, surface area exposure, and environmental efficiency.

Shale Experience

Our Center of Reservoir Excellence for unconventional resources identifies life-cycle solutions that stimulate greater ROI in your shale gas and oil plays.

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