Shale Completion Optimization

Stimulate greater production with cost-effective completions

Our completion optimization solutions help you to stimulate greater shale gas and shale oil production while lowering operating cost and risk. From cemented liners and openhole systems to multilaterals and hydraulic fracturing services, our shale experts customize a completion and stimulation solution that’s effective, dependable, compatible, and compliant.

Plug multiple zones in less time

Collaborate with us to plug-and-perf your well cost effectively. Our composite bridge plugs and frac plugs are millable and drillable isolation devices that isolate several zones in a well. This allows you to independently treat or test each zone and remove the plugs in an underbalanced environment, all in one trip.

Speed up the completion process

Reduce time to production with our single-trip, multistage fracturing technology. Our 40-stage completion system uses ball-activated frac sleeves that support an 8,000-psi [55 MPa] differential and high frac rates. The system lowers operational cost and increases efficiency with precise zonal isolation and pinpoint fracture placement, eliminating wireline and liner cementing operations.

Rely on our fracturing experience and technology

Our global shale teams draw on reservoir properties and best practices captured from more than 32,000 shale fracturing treatments. To ensure safety and compliance, our engineers and project teams execute these treatments using highly efficient fracturing and environmentally preferred stimulation systems.

Our experts consider every part of your hydraulic fracturing job to determine the most effective combination of proppants, fluids, and pumping technology. Our qualified products, systems, and services minimize your environmental impact while offering dependable performance, value, and compatibility.

Optimize stimulation programs with fracture modeling and monitoring

Our comprehensive fracture design and evaluation software offers detailed history matching, fracture optimization studies, and real-time 3D fracture geometry, including data on acid fracturing, wellbore heat transfer, proppant transport, and perforation erosion.

Our pressure pumping and borehole microseismic acquisition services monitor and measure key fracture properties, including azimuth, height, length, stimulated reservoir volume, and induced-fracture complexity. This real-time view of fracture results enables quick modifications to stage size, number of stages, and perforation geometry.

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Hydraulic Fracturing

Receive real-time 3D fracture geometry, including data on acid fracturing, wellbore heat transfer, proppant transport, and perforation erosion.

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