Shale Engineering

Exploit the full potential of your asset with better reservoir understanding

Baker Hughes shale engineering offers you the fundamental building blocks to exploit the full potential of your shale gas and shale oil asset. Our geologists, geophysicists, and petrophysicists forecast production, identify optimal trajectories, refine fracture design, and extend late-life productivity. As part of a team that also includes engineers and economists, we seek out solutions that are technically sound, practical, and cost-effective.

By blending comprehensive data sets and seismic interpretation with geomechanic modeling, we help you visualize the reservoir to reduce uncertainty regarding production volumes, play fairway mapping, and trap definition.

Optimize field-wide well placement

Our shale evaluation suite integrates advanced formation evaluation technology that offers quality reservoir characterization information, including mineralogy, resistivity, porosity, and geomechanic properties, plus other key measurements. This petrophysical analysis combined with high-resolution borehole seismic data enables intelligent reservoir models that illustrate well spacing, model pore-pressure trends, and optimize well trajectories.

Refine fracture design

We determine effective stimulation plans that increase hydrocarbon recovery and profitability by integrating hydraulic fracture interpretation with advanced geomechanic models. Our comprehensive design and evaluation suite offers real-time simulations and analysis, detailed history matching, post-fracturing investigation, and optimization studies.

Accelerate cycle time

Optimize well planning and streamline operations using a seamless workflow that integrates data acquisition, interpretation, modeling, and simulation technologies on a single software platform.

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