Shale Performance Engineering

Construct quality wellbores that yield greater return

With Baker Hughes performance engineering you can construct quality wellbores that yield greater returns. We collaborate with you to identify an effective BHA that optimizes directional control, well placement, surface area exposure, and environmental efficiency. Our total systems approach is a customized solution that integrates the right combination of drill bits, drilling systems, reservoir navigation services, and drilling fluids.

Shorten your days on well with premium drill bit systems

Our PDC bit technology offers superior directional control and higher ROP. We’re reducing drilling time with the Hughes Christensen Kymera™ hybrid drill bit that combines roller cone drill bits and PDC bit fixed-cutter technology. We’ve also engineered a shorter bit-to-bend dimension to improve steerability and build rate aggressiveness. When paired with our superior drilling systems, our premium drill bit technology optimizes curve/lateral drilling to get you into the pay zone faster.

Optimize drilling cost with advanced drilling systems

Our automated drilling systems and rotary steerable systems (RSS) offer steering control and near-bit inclination measurements to drill a straight, smooth wellbore. Our precontoured mud motors reduce surface torque and transfer power directly to the bit for increased speed. With our motor-powered RSS, you can extend the capability of lower-spec rigs by minimizing harmful string dynamics and casing wear.

Stay within the productive zone with effective reservoir navigation

Our Reservoir Navigation Services (RNS) combine real-time drilling capabilities, advanced formation evaluation, and interactive software. Using a customized LWD package that updates 3D models in real time, our RNS experts optimize your well placement in addition to identifying fractures and faults.

Strengthen your wellbore with effective drilling fluids

We apply advanced modeling to forecast downhole pressure and characterize fractures for a customized drilling fluids system that enhances wellbore stability, prevents formation damage, optimizes ROP, and minimizes environmental impact.

For more information about our shale performance engineering solution, please call us or send us an e-mail.