Shale Production Enhancement

Enhance production for ultimate recovery

Our production enhancement solutions maximize your shale gas and shale oil recovery. Our experts work with you to identify the necessary steps that mitigate production decline.

Prevent costly intervention by predicting potential threats early

Our global shale teams perform reservoir studies that look beyond the stimulation plan so you can maximize post-frac production. Using field history and offset well experiences, we predict post-stimulation problems and prevent post-frac intervention cost related to scale, organic deposition, bacteria, and corrosion.

By pumping long-term inhibitors and other chemicals deep into the reservoir during stimulation, we ensure formation fluids are treated before they cause production flow problems.

Our chemical automation technology maintains production flow by ensuring chemicals are applied optimally throughout late-life production.

Optimize production flow by monitoring downhole behavior

Our electrical submersible pumping (ESP) systems, combined with our real-time monitoring services, monitor well and pump performance to prevent downtime. Avoid production shut-ins by monitoring bacteria cultures, scale inhibitor residuals, corrosion, and other deposits that can affect wellbore integrity and production flow.

Extend the asset producing life

As production levels begin to decline, our experts in reservoir analysis, consulting, and engineering determine the optimal solution to boost productivity. By conducting a thorough assessment of well architecture, our experts identify wellbore obstructions and determine enhancement opportunities.

For more information about our shale production enhancement solutions, please call us or send us an e-mail.

StimPlus Service

We combine hydraulic fracturing/production chemistry to maximize post-frac production and minimize post-frac intervention cost from scale, organic deposition, bacteria, corrosion.

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