Tight Gas

Maximize ROI with an integrated approach

We have a fully integrated range of tools and services to speed development of and maximize the return on your tight gas assets throughout the life cycle. We’ve been increasing tight gas project efficiency for our customers around the world since the early 1990s. 

Our reservoir groups have many years of experience evaluating tight gas reservoirs and analyzing natural fractures. Our knowledge of formation geomechanical properties and the stresses on the fractures enables us to offer you unique insights that optimize tight gas well placement.

Reservoir analyses and geomechanical models guide you to drill and frac the most precise tight gas well, particularly at the critical vertical section. We have unique multistage fracing capabilities and, with our microseismic monitoring and interpretation skills, we can ensure your well is perforated and stimulated in just the right zones for maximized gas production.

Optimized water management

The wrong water management strategy may seriously hamper or even kill a well.  Our complementary technologies can predict the presence of water, lessen the amount of water ingress into the well, overcome the problems associated with high hydrostatic pressure, and treat the water at the surface.  

Distributed temperature systems (DTS™) can predict where in the vertical part of the well water exists and where gas is present. During the well deliquification process, we use our own downhole pumps, chemicals, and chemical automation technologies to keep the gas in the well flowing at optimum rates.

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