Oilfield Water Management

Increase ROI with superior water conformance and reuse

Baker Hughes solves water management challenges by relying on a century of oilfield experience, research, expertise in implementing new technology, and industry-leading reservoir knowledge. Through a systemic approach, you can make the reuse, shutoff, and control of water possible and economical. This leads to better use of resources, increased production, and extended economic life of assets for years to come.

Oilfield water management represents a technical, economic, logistics, and regulatory challenge. Baker Hughes H2prO™ surface water management services use the industry’s oldest problem—unwanted water production and flowback—to solve its newest challenge: getting enough water for oilfield operations. This technology allows you to get the water you need in the right place, at the right time, and with the right quality to perform hydraulic fracturing, waterflooding, and other crucial downhole operations. This is all completed in compliance with appropriate water policies and regulations.

Water-related problems like scale, organic deposition, bacteria, and corrosion can also have an impact on production. To assure long-term flow, Baker Hughes developed its StimPlus™ flow assurance services. This revolutionary combination of hydraulic fracturing and production chemistry offers years of ongoing active treatment to maximize post-fracture production and minimize post-fracture intervention costs.


Oilfield Water Management Solutions

Decrease operating cost by conserving water and reducing transportation and disposal cost while maintaining environmental stewardship. We understand sustainable operations.


Oilfield Water Management Science

We apply our understanding of oilfield water chemistry to develop water management solutions that protect well integrity and productivity, the environment, and your investment.


Oilfield Water Management Economics

Integrated lifecycle water management services control the volume and cost of produced water while extending the life of producing assets.

Pressure Pumping

Our pressure pumping services increases access to proven reserves, improving asset value and ROI. We’re the pressure pumping experts with the reliable resources and guidance.

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