Oilfield Water Challenges

Water is a necessity and a nuisance in oilfield operations
Oilfield water includes a multitude of contaminants, such as bacteria, iron sulfide, and hydrogen sulfide. If left untreated, these can lead to big problems like restricting production flow and damaging your wellbore.

But, what if you could make water work for you, not against you?

Baker Hughes solves oilfield water challenges by relying on a century of oilfield chemistry experience, research, expertise in implementing new technology, and industry-leading reservoir knowledge. Through a systematic approach, you can manage the integrity of your well and reuse water economically. This leads to better use of resources, increased production, and extended economic life of assets for years to come.


Well Chemical Services

Decrease operating cost by conserving water and reducing transportation and disposal cost while maintaining environmental stewardship. We understand sustainable operations.

Well Chemical Services

It’s no secret. Cased-hole multizone frac-pack completions can unlock production from lucrative deepwater plays. But there’s a cost….

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