Oilfield Water Management Science

Know your H2O and make it work for you

To manage water effectively, you need to know what’s in it. We understand the makeup of water and how it is impacted by the reservoir, rock characteristics, the wellbore, and surface-handling techniques. The chemistry of the water (H2O) impacts well integrity and productivity. We use our understanding of this to develop solutions that ensure life-of-field, reservoir productivity, and wellbore integrity. So, whether you are managing water from the surface or the subsurface, we know what works, why it works, and how it works.

Based on the chemical makeup of your water, we create the right treatment solutions to solve the most complex water issues. On the surface side, this includes the following:

  • Heavy metal and solids removal
  • Hydrogen sulfide remediation
  • Disinfection, desalination, and filtration needs

For surface water conditioning, our success in water management is derived, in part, from two of our most important competencies: water analysis and testing. Our sampling, testing, and analysis expertise covers the full spectrum of upstream chemistry, water treatment, and fracturing fluid chemistry.

We’ve developed highly effective fracture fluids and have used them in thousands of successful fracturing operations. We know how to make your water perform. Our chemists understand what constituents in produced and flowback water must be treated to design an effective fracturing fluid. Equally important, we know to what extent the water must be treated. We strike the proper balance between the highest-quality fracturing treatment and the most cost-effective water reuse program.

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