Well Chemical Services

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Baker Hughes Well Chemical Services deliver effective water treatment and flow assurance solutions to help you protect the integrity of your well and maximize production before, during, and after the frac job with a comprehensive portfolio of technologies—all targeted at delivering you the greatest return on your investment.

Superior water analysis and treatment
Baker Hughes combined in-depth reservoir knowledge with decades of experience in water treatment and production chemistry to develop H2prO well chemical services—the industry’s most comprehensive suite of solutions to treat oilfield water. With H2prO services, you can be assured of meeting operational objectives, minimizing operating expenses, and complying fully with regulatory requirements.

Customized treatment programs
Baker Hughes offers customized treatments to eliminate contaminants that can damage the wellbore and reservoir face. Our StimPlus flow assurance solutions are designed to maximize post-fracture production and minimize post-fracture intervention costs from well integrity challenges like scale, bacteria, and corrosion. These include the Sorb products, slow-release in-situ treatments, which provide long-term flow assurance from the first day of application.


Surface Water Treatment

Our knowledge of H2O helps you reduce, reuse, and resource produced water efficiently, economically, and in compliance with appropriate water policies and regulations.


StimPlus Service

We combine hydraulic fracturing/production chemistry to maximize post-frac production and minimize post-frac intervention cost from scale, organic deposition, bacteria, corrosion.

Well Chemical Services

It’s no secret. Cased-hole multizone frac-pack completions can unlock production from lucrative deepwater plays. But there’s a cost….

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