Oilfield Water Management Solutions

Expert chemical analysis. Experienced wellsite execution. Enhanced production for the life of your well.

Oilfield water management permeates upstream operations where completions, production, stimulations, and workovers all involve the use or production of water. Baker Hughes surface oilfield water management solutions help improve hydrocarbon production and the water-to-oil ratio, and reduce water-related costs by deploying the industry’s most comprehensive suite of technologies to address water challenges throughout the entire life cycle of the well.

Superior water analysis and treatment

For reuse, disposal, storage, and transportation of surface water, Baker Hughes H2prO™ surface water management services have you covered. With H2prO services, you can be assured of meeting operational objectives, minimizing operating expenses, and complying fully with regulatory requirements. We source the water, treat it, and transport it to your site. Then, we frac with it, collect the flowback, and treat it for the next job. When necessary, we dispose of it.

Customized flow assurance programs

Baker Hughes offers on-the-fly treatments to eliminate contaminants that can damage the wellbore and reservoir face. This includes the revolutionary StimPlus flow assurance services. StimPlus services maximize post-fracture production and minimize post-fracture intervention costs from well integrity challenges like scale, bacteria, and corrosion. These slow-release in-situ treatments provide long-term flow assurance from the first day of application.


Oilfield Water Management - Surface

Our knowledge of H2O helps you reduce, reuse, and resource produced water efficiently, economically, and in compliance with appropriate water policies and regulations.


StimPlus Service

We combine hydraulic fracturing/production chemistry to maximize post-frac production and minimize post-frac intervention cost from scale, organic deposition, bacteria, corrosion.

Pressure Pumping

Our pressure pumping services increases access to proven reserves, improving asset value and ROI. We’re the pressure pumping experts with the reliable resources and guidance.

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