Surface Water Treatment

Avoid frac water challenges with superior water analysis and treatment

H2prO well chemical services address multiple surface water challenges including solids removal and hydrogen sulfide remediation and disinfection.

Baker Hughes experts begin by conducting pre-treatment sampling, analysis, and testing to determine the water’s chemistry and design the most effective fracturing fluid. Using H2prO well chemical services, the team delivers a customized program using proven chemical technologies and mobile equipment to treat virtually any oilfield water for re-use. Following the treatment, fluid samples are analyzed again to ensure the contaminants have been removed.

Filter out solids
The H2prO SR solids removal service uses filter cartridges, or socks, to remove contaminants suspended in the water, making nearly all of the water reusable.

Remediate H2S and bacteria
H2prO HD hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and bacteria disinfection service offers a cost-effective method to efficiently treat surface water on-the-fly, whether it be in tanks, reserve pits, impoundments, ponds, injection wells, or disposal wells.


H2prO SR Water Management Service

The H2prO™ SR water management service uses proven filtration technology in a highly mobile system to remove suspended solids from produced and flowback water.


H2prO HD Well Chemical Service

The H2prO™ HD water management service uses environmentally preferred chemistry to treat produced and flowback water in tanks, reserve pits, impoundments, and ponds.

Well Chemical Services

It’s no secret. Cased-hole multizone frac-pack completions can unlock production from lucrative deepwater plays. But there’s a cost….

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