Integrated Well Abandonment Services

Maximize efficiency and ensure reliable, cost-effective end-of-well operations

Decommissioning a well is often more challenging than constructing one. When you are faced with this challenge, you need a service provider who is ready to work with you to craft a holistic well abandonment solution that is safe, reliable, and cost-effective. Baker Hughes provides the resources, expertise, and technology portfolio to perform well plug and abandonment (P&A) operations from surface to reservoir.

Safe wellsite operations with minimal environmental impact 

Our experts work closely with you to ensure that your abandonment plans meet all technical and regulatory requirements. On location, our experienced, well-trained personnel execute each job with a focus on safety and quality.

Our Set For Life™ cementing services meet abandonment requirements, and our proven logging services can verify each well’s cement and casing integrity. Additionally, the innovative MPC™ Mechanical Pipe Cutter delivers precise pipe cutting without ballistics or hazardous chemicals—reducing risk and intervention costs. The Mastiff™ rigless intervention system safely lifts the conductor with the inner casing and cement while reducing risk compared to conventional jacking systems.

Proven workflows, processes, and technologies ensure reliability  

Baker Hughes P&A experts can carefully plan an integrated solution with responsibility for the entire process. And, once that plan is in place, a dedicated P&A project manager can coordinate and direct the activities of all Baker Hughes personnel and third-party services.

Our P&A technology portfolio includes a full suite of bridge plugs and cement retainers engineered to meet stringent requirements and to support applications in hostile environments. Baker Hughes engineers customize each cement program to match the well, and every slurry is pre-tested to ensure a gas-tight seal without shrinkage. For coiled tubing deployments, our TeleCoil™ CT technology provides accurate depth correlation, pressure, and temperature data for more reliable operations.

Wellsite efficiency improves cost effectiveness

Efficiency is a key objective of most P&A operations. Baker Hughes is committed to delivering superior efficiency without compromising safety or job quality. As part of this effort, we work with our customers and third-party personnel to streamline the supply chain and minimize NPT. Furthermore, our global infrastructure lets us respond quickly to unexpected requirements.

Drawing on a comprehensive service portfolio, including our industry-leading cutting, milling, and fishing capabilities, we select the optimal technology for each application to enhance performance with extended tool runs. For remote operations, our Liquid Stone™ cementing technology can be premixed and/or batch-mixed at the wellsite, and pumped using coiled tubing to simplify logistics and reduce operation costs.


P&A Project Management and Engineering

Experienced project managers and engineers work closely with customers and third-party personnel to ensure flawless execution of well abandonment operations.


Well Integrity Evaluation

Baker Hughes can confirm casing and cement integrity from the surface to the reservoir to ensure that a permanent, high-quality cement seal is in place prior to well abandonment.


P&A Completion Removal and Well Preparation

Baker Hughes plug and abandonment services include industry-leading wellbore intervention technologies and highly skilled experts in the field of pipe cutting, milling, and fishing


Plug and Abandonment Barrier Installation

Baker Hughes can help design, install, and confirm the placement of mechanical and cement barriers prior to abandonment, providing critical isolation efficiently and reliably.


Conductor / Wellhead Removal

Tubing, conductors, and subsea wellheads can be removed safely and efficiently by Baker Hughes tubular services experts working with a wide variety of equipment and services.

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