Conductor / Wellhead Removal

Remove tubing, conductors, and subsea wellheads safely and efficiently

To ensure the efficiency and safety of plug and abandonment (P&A) operations, Baker Hughes tubular services experts use a wide variety of innovative yet reliable equipment and services to remove well tubing, conductors, and subsea wellheads. Our well-trained, professional crews are focused on flawless execution at the wellsite and can provide and run power tongs and handling equipment for pulling tubing or casing. We also offer casing jacks, boring units, guillotine or band saws, and rental cranes.

Minimizing tubing and conductor removal risk with rigless intervention

Baker Hughes recently introduced the innovative Mastiff™ rigless intervention system (RIS) to improve the efficiency and safety of conductor removal during well abandonment operations. The new system’s modular design and light weight make it easy to deploy and ideal for operation on platforms with limited deck load capacity.

The Mastiff system’s unique pinning and cutting system and its 352-ton pulling capacity enable it to safely lift 50-ft (15.2-m) sections of 36-in. (0.91-m) conductor with inner casing and cement. Then it can safely lay the sections out using the deck crane. This capability makes the Mastiff system more efficient than conventional jacking systems — saving time and reducing risk during platform abandonment while removing conductor casing.

One-trip wellhead removal

The universal wellhead retrieving system runs with a Hercules™ multistring cutter to provide a simple, one-trip method of removing a subsea wellhead from the ocean floor. The system works with wellheads from any manufacturer and permits multiple strings to be cut in tension—reducing drillpipe wear and increasing stabilization.

The marine swivel and hanger seal extractor is used exclusively on floating rigs to suspend a cutting string in a fixed vertical position and extract the hanger seal assembly from a subsea wellhead. Operation is simple, and it allows pinpoint accuracy for repositioning a cutter. The tool releases and recovers the casing hanger seal assembly. The seal extractor is easily adapted to retrieve any straight pull-release seal assembly.

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