Well Integrity Evaluation

Confirm cement and casing condition prior to abandonment

As a leader in cased-hole logging services, Baker Hughes will work with you to ensure a permanent, high-quality cement seal is in place prior to well abandonment. We can log the wells using either real-time electric wireline or memory casing inspection services—allowing you to confirm casing and cement integrity from the surface to the reservoir. And, if a poor cement seal is found to exist, these logs can be used to determine the most appropriate solutions and procedures (perforating, cement squeeze, plug setting, pipe cutting, and section milling etc.) to correct the problem.

Enhance efficiency with real-time logging

Our TeleCoil™ downhole communications system delivers real-time data that maximizes the efficiency of coiled-tubing (CT) related to plug and abandonment (P&A) operations, including logging, perforating, milling, cleanout, and cementing. The system integrates an integrated sensor bottomhole assembly, a nonintrusive conductor that is preinstalled in the CT string, and surface hardware and software. The result: accurate depth correlation, pressure, and temperature data. As an added benefit, TeleCoil systems can also monitor differential pressure readings to avoid motor stalls and extend milling runs.

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