• There are very few turbines on the market with proven hydrogen experience
  • Baker Hughes can help a green ammonia plant to utilize hydrogen as fuel
  • NovaLT16 can start-up and burn gas blends up to 100% hydrogen
  • It can also switch from natural gas to blends or 100% hydrogen with no hardware changes
  • About 70 projects worldwide use our gas turbines for fuel mixtures with high hydrogen content
Case study details

We recently contributed 100% H2 NovaLT™16 turbines and reciprocating compressors to development of a green ammonia pilot plant. Ammonia is to be synthesized from nitrogen produced by an air separation unit (ASU) and hydrogen produced by an electrolyzer. Compressed hydrogen storage allows inventory management, securing stability of ammonia production as well as power generation with the 100% H2 NovaLT™16 turbines, which will provide peaking service for a quick response to grid energy demand, while maintaining high efficiency through the entire load range thanks to VATN technology.

NovaLT™16 turbines provide value added by power generation duty because of their unique ability to start and run on 100% hydrogen at all times. The annular combustor design and dual-shaft configuration enable wide operating range and a high degree of control.


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