• Create a simple solution to exploit high-enthalpy and temperature exhaust flue gases from the gas turbine
  • Design a flexible machine suited for fast-changing operating conditions in any environment
  • Reduce energy waste and CO₂ emissions
  • A perfect match with exhaust heat from gas turbine; temperature capabilities up to 315°C
  • Expander generator is customized through detailed dynamic simulation to meet ay plant needs for pressure, temperature and flow
  • Unique design enables high speed and small package footprint

Case study details

ORegen, the Baker Hughes Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) package, works with our turboexpander generators up to EG1002 frame size. These machines are designed to recover, at the highest possible efficiency, high-enthalpy waste heat from gas turbines and other heat sources to produce valuable power in virtually any type of industrial plant. They deliver reliable operation in any environment, ranging from extreme desert heat to rigid arctic winters (without freezing protection).


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