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  • Double-flow design manages highest volume flow with no increase in casing size; matching typical driver speeds
  • Continually updated stage technology ensures optimal performance in any medium or low-pressure applications
  • Maintenance-friendly horizontally split design provides access to rotating element in any train configuration
  • Customized configuration available: in-line, back-to-back, intermediate cooling, additional side stream
  • Flanges up to 86 inches can withstand up to 20 NEMA; 72-inch diameter impellers built with full milling and robot welding
  • Complete accordance with API requirements with no gasket in middle section
  • Petrochemicals, fertilizers, refinery
  • LNG
  • Air separation




Our horizontally split MCL compressor has a long history of excellence, primarily in the LNG market. Thanks to its configuration in full API compliance, it can easily manage the highest flow rate—ensuring high availability with any driver, and easy maintenance during operation.

Discharge pressure
Up to 50 bar
Inlet flow range
Up to 300,000 m3/h
Max number of phases
Up to 3 phases
Up to 15,000 rpm
In line, back-to-back, double flow



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