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Closing and thank you

Annual Meeting 2020

At the end of the day, people are what will allow us to have the technology that counts.

Loenzo Simonelli, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Baker Hughes

Lorenzo Simonelli thanked the participants, and all the organizers who helped make the Annual Meeting happen this year.

He reflected on the last two days, which began with discussions about the dual challenge the industry is facing: to be competitive while transforming; and he said industry leaders are ready to take on the challenge of climate change. Throughout the meeting, they looked at the energy transition, carbon footprint, digital transformation, and many other topics. All these topics come down to the crux of what we face as an industry: continuing to take energy forward.

Mr. Simonelli marveled at the unique opportunity that the Annual Meeting provides. He emphasized that none of it would be possible without the contributions of all the participants, and noted that the importance of partnership was made clear through many of the discussions.

Next year will bring another opportunity to see how far the industry has progressed. One thing will remain the same: our industry is an essential part of how the world continues to develop.

Closing and thank you