How Druck technology is utilised in the subsea industry.

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Delivering sensing solutions in the demanding world of oil and gas.

For over 50 years, Druck has been creating technology that has serviced the Oil and Gas and Subsea industries, partnered with more than a century of innovation and revolutionary technology from Baker Hughes, we harness the power of engineering, data, and science to redefine what's possible.

Druck is uniquely placed within the market to provide subsea sensor solutions encompassing a broad  range of applications from drilling to Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) areas.


What is a subsea pressure sensor and what is its primary function?
  • Simply, a pressure sensor is a vital component to most of the world’s most important processes. Its core purpose is to detect a change in pressure and produce an output voltage; this can be in an analogue, or digital output. When pressure is applied to the diaphragm of a pressure sensor, the pressure sensing die transmits an electrical reading which is usually in mA or V output.
  • When applied to the subsea application, a pressure sensor can be used in the Subsea Tree to monitor the pressure from the well, to the external environment, or a sensor can be used in deep-sea drilling, FPSOs (floating production storage and off-loading) and more.


Why are pressure sensors important for the subsea industry?
  • With the global shift towards sustainability, and improving efficiencies in hydrocarbon-based energy sources, accurate data points become ever more paramount.
  • Pressure sensors form part of a complex system used in the subsea environment to give real-time measurements of pressures in rigs, drills, and pipelines. It’s clear what the implication of a failure is, and oil pressures are a vital parameter to measure to mitigate these risks.


Why trust Druck’s pressure sensing technology?
  • Druck’s subsea equipment portfolio has been tried and trusted by customers for over 25 years, helping to make the oil and gas industry safe and efficient. In my two years at Druck, I’ve seen first-hand how the technology is making real-time impacts for subsea operators to improve oil uptake.
  • With over 40,000 pressure sensors installed and used across the globe, the PTX300 series is a staple component for many subsea applications.
  • The PTX400 is installed on over 2,500 subsea trees, trusted by operators to measure the pressure down to 0.025% FS.


What has made Druck successful in the subsea industry?
  • In one word; “collaboration”. For a quarter of a century, Druck has been working with key customers in the industry. This has enabled us to design and manufacture the latest generation of subsea pressure sensors that fit strict industry and customer requirements.
  • With over half a century of pressure industry expertise, Druck’s subsea sensors are unmatched in terms of accuracy, performance, and long-term stability. In this niche, Druck can offer higher-quality products at competitive prices, making us the ideal partner for large and small subsea equipment manufacturers.


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