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Introducing Druck’s new Transfer Standard Calibrator: PACE Tallis

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Meet the new transfer standard calibrator, a digital standard offering accurate measurement, every time.

By Chris Roberts, Senior Product Manager at Druck


PACE Tallis is the new transfer standard calibrator from Druck designed for test bench, bench top, and panel mount calibration, test, and monitoring applications. It is a compact, robust transfer standard calibrator ideal for in-situ testing and interlaboratory comparisons.

Engineered to be versatile, PACE Tallis maintains its performance across various conditions and test media to offer precision down to 10 ppm FS (Full Scale), typically 5 ppm, and a total uncertainty as low as 6 ppm RDG + 15 ppm FS. Its robustness enables it to tolerate environmental changes. This makes it possible to enable remote, sub-optimal locations for calibration applications while reducing the risk of damage during transportation.

With easy set-up and operation, PACE Tallis provides a low cost of ownership and transfer Standard when compared to deadweight testers (DWT) and other traditional calibration devices as well as reduces the training burden on an organization due to the simple and easy-to-use nature of the device. It is ideal for calibration labs, boasting long-term stability of up to 15 ppm FS/year with minimal servicing required.


A history of innovation and market-leading pressure measurement

Druck, a Baker Hughes business, has been a market leader and innovator of pressure measurement technology for over 50 years. Pushing the boundaries of innovation, and leading the industry, Druck’s pressure measurement and calibration technology provides customers with advanced levels of accuracy, reliability and stability across the world’s toughest environments and is trusted by metrologists worldwide.

Druck’s PACE Tallis is the new transfer standard calibrator designed for test bench, bench top and panel mount calibration, test, and monitoring applications.

As the newest digital pressure indicator solution on the market, Druck brings together the latest measurement technology to offer an elegant, flexible, and economical solution to pressure measurement for test, calibration, and monitoring for a wide range of applications.


Advanced accuracy from Druck’s proprietary TERPS technology

TERPS (Trench Etched Resonant Pressure Sensor) technology is a proprietary pressure sensing technology from Druck that utilizes a resonating silicon pressure sensor that exploits the inherent characteristics of this unique design.

The performance of this structure creates a technology that provides remarkably low hysteresis and repeatability errors, combined with exceptionally good long-term stability.

TERPS technology achieves its market-leading precision and long-term stability performance in a wide range of environmental conditions and test media, especially in metrology-based applications providing application flexibility to the end user.

TERPS’ accuracy, reliability, and stability are put to the test in some of the world’s most demanding environments. From oil and gas seabed monitoring, and environmental monitoring applications in weather stations, to the aerospace industry, TERPS is proven to perform.

Each PACE Tallis contains our highest-performing TERPS silicon sensors, the best of the best, enabling total uncertainties to be achieved down to 6 ppm RDG + 15 ppm FS with all the added benefits of using a digital system.

Main benefits include:


  • Reduced training burden through simplification and automation
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Increased throughput and productivity
  • No environmental control or gravitational calculations required
  • Reduced laboratory real estate required smaller than traditional technologies


Measurement repeatability, every time

We know that calibration lab managers and technicians want a measurement they can trust from their calibration standards. Through extensive testing cycles, data proves that PACE Tallis maintains the quoted specification.

We also know that total uncertainty is an important parameter for the metrology industry. Alternate calibration standards also offer performance of sub 30 ppm. The PACE Tallis comes with a calibration specification that is enabled by the low drift characteristics inherent to TERPS. This means that lab managers can trust the measurement throughout the entire calibration period, no matter the application.

Some of the main applications that customers use PACE Tallis for are: inter-lab comparison, removing the reliance on their Primary standard, and remote/mobile calibration.


Where PACE Tallis adds value - the benefits of a digital system

With minimal training required, users can confidently calibrate the transfer standard against their primary standard and perform calibrations of various other devices using Druck’s PACE Tallis. Calibrations are straightforward to complete using the touchscreen display after an easy set-up and installation process.

PACE Tallis is also a much smaller lab standard compared to the DWT and manometer alternatives. This helps maximize space for other units or equipment.

Positioned at a lower cost than a typical DWT, PACE Tallis requires minimal servicing. It also has a lower risk of damage during use and transportation. PACE Tallis offers customers significant lifetime cost savings through simplified calibration and servicing, potentially reducing downtime.

During product demonstrations, we’ve observed lab managers and technicians facing frustrations with unreliable calibration equipment, often failing to meet specified standards. Our commercial team has also noticed calibration technicians encountering difficulties with recalibration, zeroing, and taring functions of current lab standards. The time and money invested in these processes limit the lab’s efficiency, meaning Turn-Around-Times for calibrations is heightened.

The ease of use, automation, and performance of Tallis is the driving force behind calibration labs opting for PACE Tallis. Druck’s innovative portable, digital PACE technology is challenging previous industry standards. It also provides customers with an accurate, reliable, repeatable alternative at a more cost-effective solution.


Druck’s history in the metrology industry

The “Druck” brand name has become synonymous with “pressure” worldwide over the past half-century. Companies using Druck’s calibration instrumentation testify to the accuracy and reliability of the pressure sensing technology. They often call our instruments “the Druck,” and cite them as the industry standard.

Druck has a strong record of accomplishment across the metrology sector. Our pressure indicators and controllers date back to the 1980s, with many DPI510s and DPI515s still in use today.


Where Druck adds value

Reducing human error in the calibration process is a factor that Druck takes very seriously. Combining PACE Tallis with Druck’s 4Sight2 calibration management software completely automates the calibration process. It not only eliminates human error but also creates traceable, audit-ready data and enabling time savings.

Compared to a traditional DWT, PACE Tallis is a much smaller, portable device that does not compromise performance. The design of PACE Tallis opens possibilities for use in new applications for calibration.

Utilizing over 50 years of experience and pedigree in pressure measurement and sensing, Druck is uniquely positioned to support organizations across the globe with their pressure challenges.

Talk to the experts in pressure to find a solution for your application – we are present worldwide and close to you.

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