Waygate Technologies participates in the 20th WCNDT in Incheon, Korea

Waygate Technologies participates in the 20th World Conference on Non-Destructive Testing in Incheon, Korea

As the world's leading provider of non-destructive testing (NDT) solutions for industrial inspection, our team of experts at Waygate Technologies, a Baker Hughes business, will be attending the 20th World Conference on Non-Destructive Testing (20th WCNDT). From 27-31 May we will be presenting our company at the World Congress in Incheon, Korea, at the Songdo Convensia Convention Center on booth D08.

The world conference will be hosted by the Korean Society for Nondestructive Testing (KSNT) under the auspice of the International Committee for Non-Destructive Testing (ICNDT). This year marks the first time the event has been held since the COVID-19 pandemic. It was originally scheduled to take place in 2020 but has been postponed several times. 

Broadest portfolio of NDT solutions

The event targets a global audience. In addition to the exhibition, where exhibitors will showcase their latest innovations, the conference offers a comprehensive professional program with a focus on knowledge exchange. We will be there with our broad portfolio of NDT solutions – from safer X-ray to advanced digital ultra-precise computed tomography, radiography, HD remote visual inspection and portable ultrasound – to show you in person. Highlights include: 

  • A virtual reality experience of the all-new Phoenix V|tome|x M Neo: Our flagship computed tomography solution sets a new standard in flexibility, speed, and detection quality. See for yourself why Neo is the ultimate choice for a wide range of applications across multiple industries. 
  • DRX75 and 100: With the next-generation DXR wireless portable detectors we have developed a new direct radiography (DR) platform that combines the latest technological advances with extensive customer insight. With the DXR75 and DXR100, we showcase two of our digital X-ray detectors to the audience.
  • Krautkrämer USM 100 and RotoArray comPAct: With our portable, highly versatile flaw detector Krautkrämer USM 100 we have created an instrument with smartphone-like capabilities and are setting new standards in flaw detection. Krautkrämer RotoArray comPAct is the first instrument to feature our new comPAct technology, combining the performance of a complete phased array (PA) ultrasound inspection system in a single probe thanks to miniaturized instrument electronics.
  • Everest Mentor Visual iQ+: Utilizing advanced analytics for novel inspection approaches, the new state-of-the-art flagship video borescope technology harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning to enhance data quality and reduce inspection time for critical inspections across multiple sectors, including aviation and power generation.
  • BIKE: The BIKE platform is a magnetic wheeled robot capable of inspecting power plant facilities and multiple applications in the oil and gas industry, such as vessel or pipe inspection. BIKE can reach locations previously inaccessible to humans due to size constraints, temperature, immersion in liquids or safety reasons. It makes your inspections safer and more efficient.

Thought Leadership

As conferences are key platforms for knowledge sharing and collaborative learning within industry communities, we are happy to host presentations on a wide range of topics and industries. From Monday to Friday, our experts will participate in eleven sessions covering a wide range of topics from ultrasound to remote visual and CT inspection and field radiography. For a detailed overview of sessions, times and topics, please have a look at the timetable below.







Monday, May 27th



Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) Measurement Technology: Advancements in RVI Image Capture and Processing and New Fully Surfaced 3D Point Cloud Based Measurement Techniques

Stanley Leong

Wednesday, May 29th



Characterization of the acoustic response as basis for a certification procedure for reference reflectors in ultrasonic testing

Thomas Würschig

Wednesday, May 29th



Comparative study of FMCTFM and Phased Array UT for weld inspection

Anandamurugan Subramanian

Wednesday, May 29th



In-site Gas Turbine Visual Inspections: taking it to the next level...

Tom Danvers

Thursday, May 30th



Smart inspection of rail wheels with matrix arrays

Thomas Würschig

Thursday, May 30th



Innovative System Platforms for Ultrasonic Inspections

Anandamurugan Subramanian

Thursday, May 30th



Industrial Application of High Energy CT

Eberhard Neuser

Thursday, May 30th



Advanced 3D-TFM Ultrasonic Spot-Weld Inspection

Anandamurugan Subramanian

Friday, May 31st



Optimization of Throughput and Image Quality at CT Scans of Large Parts

Eberhard Neuser

Friday, May 31st



Testing machines with advanced methods for highspeed, in-line ultrasonic inspection of bar and wire Stocks

Thomas Würschig

Friday, May 31st



Detectors in Field Radiography: Discussing Advantages and Key Performance Parameters for Portable Industrial Digital Radiography

Steven Wissels