Druck, a Baker Hughes business has a pedigree in the global marine industry

Druck, providing advanced technical solutions for the global marine industry.

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Druck, a Baker Hughes business providing advanced technical solutions for the global marine industry


Druck, a Baker Hughes business has a pedigree in the global marine industry, supplying many of the world’s OEM system builders with high quality, marine certified pressure sensors. From fuels and lubricants, to ballast systems, Druck’s marine sensors are a key part of a modern vessel’s pressure monitoring system.

Ballast systems have different requirements for measurement; from in-tank depth pressure monitoring to tank-mounted systems, sensors are vital to maintaining safety and efficiency in turbulent environments.

Druck’s UNIK5600 and UNIK5700 marine qualified pressure sensors are an industry standard for depth pressure monitoring in a ballast system’s tank, with a rugged design and stable pressure measurement, these sensors are trusted by many of the globe’s system builders.

The 1800 series of submersible, high performance sensors are also deployed in tank-mounted ballast systems, offering high accuracy pressure readings of hydrostatic liquid levels.

Accurately monitoring a ballast system can be achieved through a bubbler system; which is a process that provides accurate output measurements, without the need for sensors in-situ.

The design of the bubbler system is designed to measure the pressure required to push an air bubble out of a tube, commonly referred to as the “line pressure”.

Bubbler systems are often utilised in designs wherein complex tank systems are difficult to access or has a potential for fowling. These systems nevertheless require close monitoring and the highest accuracy sensors to maintain performance.

This system, however, can compromise the accuracy and performance of the pressure measurement, if accurate sensors are not installed.

Druck’s global support team work closely with our partners in the marine industry to ensure accuracy in bubbler systems. With a large and reliable portfolio of pressure sensors available globally, our Applications Engineers demonstrate the performance of the UNIK5000 series sensors, as well as the new, re-rangeable ADROIT6200 sensor which offers a 4-20 mA digital output with high accuracy.

Bubbler systems are not only limited to use in the marine industry, but have applications in semi-submersible drilling rigs and jack-up rigs as a core ballast system measurement.

With over half a century of pressure measurement excellence, and countless pressure sensors used globally, partner with Druck for your next marine project.

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