• Efficiently treat large quantities of contaminated slop water at location
  • Eliminate costs of transporting slop from your offshore platform to onshore treatment facilities
  • Meet strict water discharge regulations with no chemical treatment requirement

  • Offshore drilling applications generating large volumes of contaminated water
  • Offshore regions with strict environmental regulations



Safely and efficiently treat large quantities of your contaminated water, or “slops,” right on location with Baker Hughes's offshore slops treatment unit. By taking this solution straight to the source, you’re assured cost-effective treatment that reduces the costs and risks associated with transporting and handling waste at onshore treatment facilities.

Our filtration process package includes a filter press, pre-coat slurry tank, powder handling unit, and cartridge filter unit to provide a continuous supply of solids-free fluid. The system’s small footprint ensures operational efficiency while offering a safe working environment on your platform.

The offshore unit can efficiently process all manner of wastewater generated during your drilling and completion operations, including oil-contaminated brines, seawater, surfactants, rainwater, and other wastewater. And because it doesn’t require any chemicals, the unit meets the strictest of water discharge regulations.

The unit comprises four mechanical treatment stages assembled inside a 20 ft x 8 ft container, with a combined weight of approximately 12.5 metric tons. These dimensions minimize your required rig space and make the unit compatible with most offshore rigs.

The unit requires 105 kW power, which can be supplied by rig equipment or a dedicated generator.


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