• Identify cement bonding integrity and strength as well channeling or poor bond sections
  • Evaluate multiple-sized casing strings in one logging pass
  • Gain accurate cement bond measurements in the most challenging conditions of fluid condition, pressure, and temperature

  • Quantitative analysis of cement bond to the casing around the borehole
  • Qualitative analysis of cement bond with the formation
  • Analysis in casing ranging from 4.5 in. to 24 in.



The Baker Hughes Segmented Bond Tool (SBT™) quantitatively measures the cement bond integrity around your casing. Use this information to confirm hydraulic isolation and determine whether remedial work is required before starting your completion work.


Avoid completion challenges with accurate cement bond measurements

The SBT operates in the ultrasonic frequency range to quantitatively measure the cement bond integrity in six angular segments around the casing. This information helps you:

  • Ensure a strong hydraulic seal, thus improving productivity and well life span
  • Find and define channels in the cement annulus, enabling you to determine next steps
  • Reliably find zones of uniform bonding within a few feet of casing
  • Helps avoid squeeze jobs by identifying where a short-bonded interval produces an adequate hydraulic seal

The service gives you significant operating advantages over conventional and pulse-echo tools, thanks to its insensitivity to heavy or gas-cut borehole fluids, dense muds, emulsions, fast formations, temperature and pressure variations, and moderate tool eccentering. It also gives you accurate cement evaluation in heavyweight casings up to 1-in. thick.


Gain detailed cement integrity measurements in a wide array of casing sizes

For ease of interpretation, SBT measurements are presented as two logs, both of which are available in the logging mode, as the data are acquired, processed, and plotted in real time. The secondary presentation consists of six continuous segmented arrays, a variable-attenuation cement map, and a tool-orientation trace overlay—a field deliverable that does not require engineer interaction. It also provides a 5-ft-spaced variable-density log measurement, which you can use to qualitatively understand the bonding between cement and the formation.

The SBT™ Beyond service extends the SBT service to the maximum casing size of 24 in., thus providing one of the widest casing size ranges in the cement evaluation segment. The SBT Beyond service also evaluates cement behind casing sizes larger than 13-3/8 in., which is unique in the industry. The SBT Beyond service addresses challenges in segments where pulse-echo devices cannot perform.

Combine the SBT service with caliper tools such as MIT, MFC, or ICAL to create the SBT ID™ cement bond and casing evaluation log service. The SBT ID gives you the unparalleled ability to simultaneously measure cement integrity and thickness—providing further insights into the quality and long-term effectiveness of the cement job.

Contact us today to learn more about how the Segmented Bond Tool can help you determine if remedial work is required before completions are attempted.


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