Petroleum engineering services from Baker Hughes help you maximize the potential of your producing assets. Count on our holistic approach to asset management to help you optimize your long-term production—while minimizing risk and cost.


Get more out of your assets with full-cycle solutions

Whether you’re producing from a conventional onshore well or a deep offshore reservoir many miles from shore, your current production strategies might be leaving a substantial part of your reserves untapped.

Our petroleum engineering services incorporate your specific production challenges and long-term objectives. We then match these challenges with our application expertise and proven technologies across the E&P spectrum—including reservoir characterization, geomechanics, drilling, formation evaluation, completion, and production.

This comprehensive approach gives you targeted solutions to enhance asset performance at every stage of your producing lifecycle:

  • Optimize your development plans with in-depth understanding of your technical and commercial drivers.
  • Ensure consistent system design and technology integration with our holistic solution implementation strategies.
  • Maximize your long-term performance with collaboration and continuous progress tracking during exploration, development, and operations.
  • Identify opportunities for improvement by continually monitoring performance, updating reservoir models, and implementing production enhancement strategies.

Petroleum engineering services help you reduce your uncertainties and manage complexities and interfaces to help optimize production from each well, maximize field revenue, minimize costly interventions, and increase recoverable resources.

Contact us today to learn how our petroleum engineering services can give you a holistic view of your producing assets to maximize your long-term production potential.


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