The Principles pillar of our sustainability strategy includes a broad range of topics, including corporate governance, oversight of ESG, compliance, anti-corruption, health, safety, security, human rights, supply chain sustainability, and working with governments.


The energy industry is a complex global business, and Baker Hughes conducts business under many different regulatory and legal frameworks around the world. Because of this, we not only strive to meet the requirements in the countries where we operate, but, in many cases, we exceed those requirements. We are guided by our Code of Conduct, policies, and procedures that outline consistent global principles and practices across our operations.

We recognize that policies alone are not enough. As such, we make the following commitments:

  1. We are committed to operating safely and responsibly and promoting a healthy, safe, respectful, and secure environment for our people, customers, partners, and communities.
  2. We are committed to preventing human rights violations, including child labor, human trafficking, and modern slavery, within our company and our partners.
  3. We are committed to identifying, preventing, and fighting corruption in all forms, promoting free and fair enterprise, and preventing money laundering and terrorist financing.
  4. We are committed to actively managing and monitoring our enterprise and strategic risks.
  5. We are committed to supporting the objectives of the UN Global Compact, Paris Climate Agreement, the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights, and aim to align with other global agreements that advance sustainability.
  6. We are committed to building digital trust through sound oversight of cybersecurity and data privacy protections and the responsible use of data and technology.
  7. We are committed to purposeful leadership, sound governance and corporate responsibility.
  8. We are committed to conducting business with integrity and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.


Corporate governance and governance of corporate responsibility

Our framework for corporate governance is set forth in our Governance Principles, committee charters, and our Third Amended and Restated Bylaws.


Occupational safety

We are committed to operating safely and responsibly, in a way that takes care of our people, customers, partners, community, and the environment.

health and wellness

Health and wellness

Total worker wellbeing is a critical priority for Baker Hughes, and the importance of physical health, ergonomics, preventative health care, and mental wellness cannot be overstated in promoting a healthy, engaged, and productive workplace.

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Security, cybersecurity, and privacy

We are committed to protecting our people, workplaces, and operations, and respecting communities globally through intelligence-based risk mitigation measures.


Compliance and anti-corruption

We believe that this commitment to integrity across the entire organization is fundamental to running a sound, successful, and sustainable business.

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Sustainable supply chains

Our Supplier Social Responsibility Program (SSRP) is intended to set standards for and monitor compliance of HSE performance, ethics, compliance, and respect for human rights.


Policy engagement and working with governments

We believe it is in the best interest of Baker Hughes and our stakeholders that our perspective informs the development of relevant public policies.