• Increase flow velocity to maintain production profile
  • Easily makeup and deploy in a single trip
  • Run and retrieve through restrictions or in through-tubing interventions

  • Gas wells experiencing liquid loading
  • Highly deviated completions
  • Interventions to repair parted or corroded tubing/casing



The Velox™ velocity and straddle system from Baker Hughes gives you a cost-effective, reliable means of increasing flow rates in your liquid-loaded gas wells.

The Velox system gives you a high degree of flexibility in a single tool.

  • Run the system as a velocity string to reduce the inner diameter (ID) of your production tubing, increasing gas velocity and eliminating the problems of produced water loading in the well  
  • Run the system as a straddle to isolate and pack off a predetermined section of your tubing or casing prior to repairing corroded or parted tubing or isolating perforated sections of the wellbore


Designed for durability and versatility

Regardless of your application, the Velox deployment tool string includes several design features that ensure safety and accuracy in your downhole deployments. The system incorporates the Baker Hughes universal hydraulic disconnect and state-of-the-art soft touch makeup tong, which delivers high-versatility tool joint makeup for ease of connecting your upper and lower assemblies.

The Velox system can be deployed in one run on either coiled tubing or jointed pipe, which is ideal for deviated completions. The system is available as a combined mechanical and hydraulic-set or purely hydraulic-set system, using a running tool that is compatible with both systems. You can also position the system as desired, under pressure, in a landed tubing string.

Retrieval is simply achieved, for both applications, via a straight pull using standard pulling tools.

Contact us today to learn how the Velox velocity and straddle system can boost your gas production and optimize your tubing repairs.


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