• Reduce BHA whirl and lateral vibration to reduce the risk of tool joint failure above the reamer
  • Get faster, longer, and more stable drilling operations with StaySharp and Stabilis cutters
  • Prevent drilling system damage with active blade retraction

  • Wellbore enlargement in unconsolidated formations
  • Onshore, offshore, and deepwater
  • Rotary steerable operations



Ensure Increased stability and durability while reducing costs in your hole-enlargement operations with GaugePro™ concentric expandable reamers and stabilizers from Baker Hughes. Designed for best-in-class reliability, GaugePro tools give you premium hole enlargement in a wide range of applications—from the simplest well to the most complex deepwater project.


Optimize reaming performance with proven designs

Eliminate many of the chronic challenges you face with traditional reamer technologies—including complexity, activation, downhole failures, and vibration/stability dysfunction—with the GaugePro™ concentric expandable reamer (XPR). With its simplified tool design, the XPR has roughly half the number of moving parts and seals of other reamers—thus minimizing complex tool mechanisms to improve functional reliability and reduce operational risks.

The concentric reamer remains closed until triggered, opens on command, reams an in-gauge hole, and closes and comes out of the hole properly—all during drilling operations. And because the pilot bit design is synchronized to the expandable reamer in a fit-for-purpose drilling assembly, the XPR gives you an exceptional drill and hole opening tool.

Stabilize the BHA to increase drilling efficiency with the GaugePro™ concentric expandable stabilizer (XPS). Designed on the same simple, robust, and reliable principle as the GaugePro XPR, the XPS significantly reduces upper BHA whirl, thus reducing BHA damage to further enhance downhole operations. Compared to traditional pass-thru stabilizers, the GaugePro XPS offers increased drilling and reaming efficiency, reduced lateral vibration, and increased ROP at a given WOB.  

When synchronized with the pilot bit in an optimized drilling assembly, GaugePro tools minimize your risks of downhole tool damage to ultimately provide longer runs and fewer days in well.

Contact us today to learn how GaugePro expandable reamers and stabilizers can optimize your hole-enlargement operations—at minimal risk and cost.


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