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Radiation Measurement
by Reuter-Stokes

At the forefront of neutron and gamma radiation detection technologies for more than six decades, Reuter-Stokes, a Baker Hughes business, has led the industry in the research, design and manufacturing of quality detectors and portable radiation detectors for a variety of radiation monitoring devices and applications. 

More than 350,000 detectors now in service around the world support a broad range of instrumentation needs, from reactor monitoring and security applications to neutron research and oil exploration. No other company understands your radiation measurement requirements better than our people at Reuter-Stokes.

Industry Applications & Solutions
Homeland Security

At the forefront of neutron and gamma detection technologies for more than 60 years, Reuter-Stokes, a Baker Hughes business, has led the industry in researching, designing and manufacturing quality detectors for a broad range of radiation monitoring uses. Reuter-Stokes offers a comprehensive line of detectors for Homeland Security applications

Radiation Portal Monitoring

Since 1956, Reuter-Stokes has been an industry leader in providing instrumentation and sensors for harsh environments. With more than 10,000 solutions installed around the world, the Reuter Stokes products are among the most proven and most widely accepted for radiation monitoring. Our 3He-based neutron proportional counters are specifically designed for use in radiation portal monitors. These accurate and reliable detectors are backed by the extensive application support that you expect from Reuter Stokes instrumentation, and at a price point that makes them practical for use in a wide variety of portal types. 

Neutron Scattering (Spectroscopy)

To best serve the neutron scattering research community, Reuter-Stokes, a Baker Hughes business, offers a variety of helium-3 filled position-sensitive proportional counters packs and modules. All provide high-efficiency neutron detection with high-speed electronics in all-vacuum, partial-vacuum, and non-vacuum applications.

Data Acquisition Systems for Spectroscopy

Reuter-Stokes offers the NeuAcq* Electronics System, the next-generation data acquisition electronics system for neutron scattering. NeuAcq* provides superior speed and accuracy for time-stamping and processing neutron events.

Environmental Radiation Monitoring

Reuter-Stokes provides superior technology for the detection and measurement of low-level gamma radiation its next-generation RSDetection™ Environmental Radiation Monitor.

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Radiation Measurement Devices & Monitoring