Reuter-Stokes, a Baker Hughes business, provides downhole sensors and instrumentation to support your downhole operations. We provide scintillation detectors for gamma-ray and neutron detection and spectroscopy applications to confirm that you have the best data for your logging-while-drilling (LWD) operations. Our uniquely rugged design ensures the largest scintillation crystals can be used in operations while keeping sensitive equipment safe from damage in these extreme applications. More light from our design enables quick and accurate identification of formation characteristics.

Reuter-Stokes’ orientation modules ensure you stay on course. Each system is fully factory-calibrated in a state-of-the-art facility to verify that the equipment performs to specification at the drilling rig.

Reuter-Stokes equally invests in our production capability, having recently added 1,600 sq. ft of production capacity to deliver quality products on time.

Here are just a few ways Reuter-Stokes' downhole sensors can be used in your LWD and MWD operations: 

  • Gross counting gamma - Passive gamma measurement to determine formation boundaries.
  • Spectral gamma - Passive gamma measurement to determine the element emitting the gamma rays.
  • Density gamma - Active gamma measurement used to determine the density of the formation.
  • Neutron porosity - Active neutron measurement used to detect hydrogen in the formation.
  • Inclination - Measures angle from vertical using accelerometers and gyroscopes.
  • Azimuth - Measures compass heading of hole direction relative to the Earth’s magnetic pole using magnetometers.

Downhole sensors & solutions
Gamma-Ray Scintillation Detectors (LWD)

Reuter-Stokes tailors every scintillation detector to your exact specifications. We provide a broad range of detector configurations, including virtually any crystal size, mounting, and interface adaptations, as well as built-in radioactive check sources.

The assembly’s high-strength sapphire window, combined with a patented optical coupler, allows for maximum light output. Using the highest quality materials and cutting-edge design, Reuter-Stokes is committed to engineering its sensors to meet strict customer specifications.

Delivering one of the industry’s highest sensitivities, our gamma sensors provide geologists and drilling contractors with the precise measurements required to accurately locate and identify formations.

Our radial suspension system also contributes to greater detector sensitivity. By minimizing the radial space needed to isolate the crystal from vibration, larger crystals can be packaged inside the sensor housing. Higher sensitivity helps customers log faster or reduce the size of the detectors for more compact tools and thinner bed resolution. Thin wall titanium housings minimize gamma attenuation for better gamma radiation transmission at lower energies. These features enable customers to operate downhole with confidence, even in the most severe conditions.

  • Gross counting gamma
  • Spectral gamma
  • Density gamma
3He Neutron Detectors (LWD)

Our 3He-filled detectors offer the optimal combination of high efficiency and sensitivity, with good gamma discrimination and excellent vibration response, all in the most compact package possible. This ensures reliable performances for LWD measurements without taking valuable space from other components on the drill bit assembly.

These detectors incorporate the operational experience gained from the design and manufacture by Reuter-Stokes of more than 67,000 units over 50 years. We developed proprietary 3He purification techniques, gas mixtures and manufacturing process controls to ensure precise matching of operating characteristics among large batches of detectors. This permits parallel operation of multiple detectors without needing separate power supplies or gain-matching.

We’ve evolved our design and manufacturing capabilities since 1956 to produce high-quality, custom detectors that range from 0.3” (7.62 mm) to 2.25” (57.15 mm) in diameter, and 0.5” (12.7 mm) to 12” (304.8 mm) in length, with fill pressures from 60 to 180 psia (0.4-1 MPa). We also optimize gas mixtures using a variety of quenching gases to guarantee the right balance between sensitivity and operating voltage. Finally, we offer a wide array of electrical terminations and mechanical interfaces to suit virtually any downhole application.

  • Neutron porosity
  • Gross counting neutron
Directional Sensors & Orientation Modules (MWD)

With more than 30 years’ experience, our portfolio of custom-designed MWD orientation modules provides unsurpassed accuracy, reliability and configuration flexibility. Our most compact borehole survey technology is designed to fit into the smallest of tools by using a compact electronics package. The technology has undergone extensive thermal cycle and soak testing up to 185°C to confirm that the unit’s performance is accurate, stable and reliable. Test data indicates at least a 3-fold reduction in total magnetic field spread and bias change over time. For our customers, this doubles both the life and mean time between calibrations, which directly translates to lower cost of ownership.

Baker Hughes’ orientation modules are designed for efficient operation in a compact, rugged chassis. By providing accurate and stable survey measurements with minimal downhole power consumption, the module helps customers reduce the operational costs associated with downhole batteries and enables the horizontal drilling techniques required for unconventional resource development.


  • Inclination
  • Azimuth
MWD Sensor Directional Sensors

Why Reuter-Stokes?
Why Reuter-Stokes?

Reliability. When you need your downhole equipment and insights to be accurate, trustworthy, and reliable, well operators around the globe turn to Reuter-Stokes for the equipment that gets the job done time and again.

Investment. As was stated previously, we've invested in our production capacity by adding over 1,600 sq ft. of production space, so we can deliver more downhole solutions, in a shorter amount of time.

World-class service and support. You want a company that has the technical prowess to understand your drilling needs and how best to accomplish them, coupled with customer service that will make that process as seamless as possible. With over 30 years of experience in offshore, onshore, crude, and natural gas - whatever you're drilling for, Reuter-Stokes has the quality and expertise to see your project through to completion.

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