Planet, people, principles

We view environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance as a key lever to transform our company and our industry. Baker Hughes is one of the leaders in the energy sector, holding an AA rating by MSCI. Our implementation and reporting of ESG performance is organized under our “Planet, People, Principles” framework. During 2020 we made progress in each of these areas, but we recognize there is more to do.

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We were one of the first companies in our sector to commit to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. We have made great progress toward that goal, reducing carbon emissions by 31% compared to our 2012 baseline. We are also a signatory of the Methane Guiding Principles that commit us to reduce methane emissions.

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To lead in the energy transition, we must continually attract, recruit, retain, and promote a skilled and globally diverse workforce. Successful companies must build skills, develop leaders, and establish an inclusive and flexible work environment to meet the world’s changing needs. We are taking continual steps to broaden and modernize our human resources and talent management programs. While we have advanced our inclusion and diversity efforts, we are committed to further progress as we continue our focus in this area.

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As a trusted leader in industry, we are not only committed to health and safety, but also delivering the best quality products and services to the industry. Guided by our values and governance structure, we act with integrity in all that we do through maintaining ethical supply chains and promoting respect for fundamental human rights.