Technology Centers


Celle Technology Center

The Celle Technology Center performs research, engineering, and testing of drilling systems, telemetry, and LWD tools.


Houston Technology Center

The Houston Technology Center combines the technology development and manufacturing capabilities of our wireline well logging and MWD formation evaluation product lines.


Russian Science Center

The Baker Hughes Russian Science Center advances reservoir evaluation technology through cross-disciplinary studies.


Dhahran Research and Technology Center (DRTC)

Our technology center in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia located in the KFUPM Techno-Valley will focus on applications unique to regional hydrocarbon production.


Experimental Test Area BETA

The Baker Hughes Experimental Test Area (BETA) bridges small-scale simulator testing and full-scale field applications of downhole tools.


Center for Technology Innovation

The Center for Technology Innovation offers a synergistic environment for cross-collaboration between our business segments focusing on completions and production technology.


Rio de Janeiro Research and Technology Center

Our Rio de Janeiro Technology Center will research regional applications, including reservoir characterization, drilling optimization, well completions, and production.


Drilling Fluids Laboratories

We conduct drilling fluids research at the HTC for new high-performance, water-based mud systems and fluids for HP/HT wells.


Completions Centers of Excellence

Research and engineering for completions products and services is conducted at facilities in Houston; Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.; and Aberdeen, Scotland.


Drill Bit Laboratory

We conduct drill bit research and development at The Woodlands, Texas, drilling laboratory, which is equipped with advanced drilling simulators.


Chemical Technology Research and Laboratories

Our scientists at laboratories in Sugar Land, Texas, develop chemical applications to control problems during production, transportation, and refining.


Pine Island Perforating Technology Center

Our Perforating Technology Center houses comprehensive R&D, engineering, manufacturing, testing resources, and a perforating flow laboratory.


Pressure Pumping Technology Center

We’ve integrated research, engineering, and manufacturing into a single facility to develop reservoir-specific solutions that yield flawless results.


Artificial Lift Research and Testing

We conduct research and development for artificial lift systems at our facilities in Claremore, Oklahoma.


Artificial Lift Research and Technology Center

Baker Hughes is pushing the boundaries of artificial lift technology to meet the challenges in complex production applications.