Celle Technology Center

The Celle Technology Center (CTC) in Celle, Germany, performs research, engineering, and testing of drilling systems, telemetry, and LWD tools. Core competencies include mechanical and electronic product development and manufacturing technology. We offer modeling and solutions for drilling dynamics and drilling and evaluation sensor technology. We work on joint technology developments with operators and local universities. We also have R&D testing capabilities for production technology and geothermal drilling, including geothermal work with the federal government.

Cofunded projects with the government are concentrating on more cost-efficient drilling technology and enhanced electronic submersible pumping systems (ESPs) for geothermal wells. Integral to this research is the Celle high-temperature test loop to perfect new high-horsepower, high-volume ESP system technology for geothermal energy.

We’re working with the Niedersachsen state government in Lower Saxony on a jointly launched, multimillion-euro, five-year cooperative university research project. The goal is to improve technology for generating geothermal energy from very deep geological formations 13,123 ft to 19,685 ft [4,000 m to 6,000 m]. New high-temperature electronics, drilling/evaluation, and completions/production applications are a part of this effort.

The CTC has a rich history. In 1957, Christensen Diamond Products opened its manufacturing plant in Celle to build diamond core heads and drill bits; soon, we began producing stabilizers, drilling jars, and other equipment. In 1977, the Celle engineering and manufacturing team introduced the Navi-Drill™ line of downhole drilling motors. Other Celle R&D products included the industry's first steerable motor system and the AutoTrak™ rotary closed-loop system.

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