Russian Science Center

The Baker Hughes Russian Science Center (BARSC)—located in Novosibirsk—advances reservoir evaluation technology through cross-disciplinary studies. The center, colocated with the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (SBRAS), has access to a diverse pool of scientific expertise.

By virtue of this location, BARSC scientists and researchers collaborate with well-established scientific institutes and other scientists with wide-ranging expertise. This allows for a multidisciplinary approach to technology projects. That cooperation extends beyond the SBRAS institute to other scientific entities and universities in Russia and the United States.

In addition to the advantages of this framework of collaboration, BARSC offers unique opportunities for students and young scientists. We present scholarships to students enrolled at Novosibirsk University and operate an internship program with the potential for future employment. Dissertations prepared by BARSC scientists are defended before the top academic councils.