Business Code of Conduct

October 2013

To: Fellow Baker Hughes Employees,

At Baker Hughes, we take pride in our global reputation for delivering high quality products and services in a manner that never compromises our integrity or our high standards of business conduct. We desire to provide our customers with ever-increasing levels of quality and performance.

Meeting our competitive challenges and embracing opportunities can place pressure on employees at every level of the Company. However this pressure to succeed can never be an excuse for making decisions that would compromise our Core Values or Business Code of Conduct. Those with whom we do business expect and deserve nothing less than the highest level of ethical business practices from Baker Hughes and from each employee of our Company.

The Baker Hughes Business Code of Conduct (also known simply as the “Code of Conduct”), which is based on our shared beliefs and values, serves as the Company’s ethical roadmap. It is a valuable resource designed to help you understand the various issues that can arise within the Company and to offer guidance in making ethical decisions in light of those issues. This Code of Conduct sets forth Baker Hughes’ policies in clear terms and reinforces our Core Values (Integrity, Teamwork, Performance and Learning). However, you should recognize that the Code of Conduct is only a guide. Employees of ethical companies do not engage in ethical behavior simply because they have been given a Code of Conduct. They engage in ethical behavior because they truly desire to work in an ethical environment, in which ethical behavior surrounds them and that influences all of their actions. They want to do the right thing even when no one is looking.

Abiding by the standards within the Code of Conduct, however, is just the first step. It is also necessary for each of us to raise any questions and report any concerns, in a timely fashion, regarding the Company’s failure to meet these standards. If you have a question or concern about what is proper conduct for you or for anyone else, promptly raise the issue to your supervisor, any member of the Legal Department, Human Resources, Corporate Security, Internal Audit, the Business Ethics Help Line or Baker Hughes Incorporated’s Chief Compliance Officer. Nothing should compromise our steadfast commitment to integrity.

We all share the responsibility of making our Core Values a central part of our everyday business activities so that our stellar reputation is maintained. Any company’s reputation can be easily undermined, and it is imperative that you read, understand, and strictly adhere to the principles of our Code of Conduct so that our Company will maintain its outstanding reputation in our industry. We want to be known as a company that delivers excellent financial returns for our shareholders.

The full Baker Hughes Business Code of Conduct is available for download (PDF - 642KB).