Reporting Concerns

Our Business Code of Conduct

Our Business Code of Conduct supports our standards of ethical and legal behavior. The Audit/Ethics Committee of the Board of Directors of the Company oversees the administration of our Business Code of Conduct and shares responsibility for the corporate compliance effort with the Chief Compliance Officer and the Company.

Compromising our Business Code of Conduct

We expect our employees to observe the letter and the spirit of our Business Code of Conduct. To maintain the highest ethical standards, employees are required to speak up and promptly report any concerns or actual violations of our Business Code of Conduct to an immediate supervisor, human resources representative, Chief Compliance Officer (713.439.8439 or email or Corporate Security Director (713.439.8609).

This includes complaints regarding questionable financial, accounting, internal auditing controls and auditing matters. We encourage others outside the company to inform us if they suspect any violations of our Business Code of Conduct by our employees. To report concerns anonymously, Baker Hughes offers the Business Help Line.

Business Help Line

The Business Help Line is a multi-lingual, global third party, independent service that is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Concerns may be handled anonymously.

Within the U.S., the toll free phone number is 1.800.288.8475. 
Outside of the U.S., collect calls are accepted. The phone number is 713.626.0521.

Business Ethics Help Line Online

If you prefer, you may make an online report through Business Ethics Help Line Online. This website is available in 14 languages and is accessible 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Protection from Retaliation

Anyone reporting potential, suspected or actual violations in good faith is protected from retaliation under our Business Code of Conduct and in a number of countries by legislation.