We build and reinforce our culture every day by operating safely, ethically, and responsibly.

As a trusted leader in industry, we are committed to health and safety, creating and delivering the best quality products, services, processes, and technology in the industry. We consistently demonstrate commitment to act with integrity in all that we do through maintaining ethical supply chains and promoting respect for fundamental human rights.

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Health and safety

Health, safety, and environmental excellence is a core part of our operating culture.

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Ethical supply chains

Suppliers are critical partners in our value chain, and maintaining an ethical supply chain is essential.

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Integrity and compliance

At Baker Hughes, ensuring integrity and compliance is a foundational element of our culture and a business priority.

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Leading in quality

We are committed to creating and delivering the best quality products, services, processes, and technology.

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Safeguarding human rights

We advance respect for fundamental human rights by leading by example in our business capacity, with our partners, and in our communities.

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Principles progress dashboard

Learn more about our progress and next steps to meet our principle goals.

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Policy advocacy and engaging with governments

We comply with the letter and spirit of the law when engaging with public and government officials.