Maintaining an ethical supply chain

We take a risk-mitigation based approach to our supply chain monitoring program


Supplier audits with a total of 3,301 findings reported


of total assessments were reassessments, 96% of serious findings were closed within 90 days


suppliers were rejected as a result of the SSRP audit

The largest categories of direct material purchases in our supply chain are castings, forgings, electronics, and machined parts.

Baker Hughes’ supply chain is large and diverse as we source materials from more than 180 countries. Our spend is divided into direct and indirect materials. Direct materials are the components that are incorporated into the products and services that we sell. The largest categories of direct material purchases are castings, forgings, electronics, and machined parts.

We also buy products and services to support our business operations, which are used to develop or create, but are not incorporated into, our products or services. These are referred to as indirect purchases. They range from tools and supplies to telecommunications and professional services.

Screenshot of the Baker Hughes Supplier integrity guide cover
Understanding impact

Supplier Integrity Guide

Suppliers are critical partners in our value chain, and maintaining an ethical supply chain is essential. Our Supplier Integrity Guide governs all aspects of our relationships with suppliers, contractors, consortium partners, and consultants. It includes specific requirements for fair employment practices; health, safety, and environment; and human rights. Our suppliers are required to hold their own suppliers to equivalent standards.

Qualifying our suppliers

In 2019, we renamed the Baker Hughes Supplier Responsibility Guidelines (SRG) Program to the Baker Hughes Supplier Social Responsibility Program (SSRP) to better reflect Baker Hughes’ commitment to social responsibility and ethical practices across our supply chain. We continued integrating all relevant legacy Baker Hughes suppliers into our common SSRP onboarding process.

As part of the SSRP onboarding process, 100% of our suppliers are assessed for social risks.