The core of our operating culture

We strive to foster a culture of proactive HSE management to reduce injuries and drive continuous improvement.


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Achieving our Perfect HSE Day

Our Perfect HSE Day remains the cornerstone of our health, safety, and environmental (HSE) efforts, and we celebrate every work day we complete with no injuries, accidents, or harm to the environment. We achieved 161 Perfect HSE Days in 2019, a 5% increase from the prior year. Our total recordable incident rate improved by 12.5% versus the prior year, and is 68% lower than the average for our industry.

We were gratified that no work-related fatalities occurred during 2019 and our lost work incident rate improved slightly from the prior year. Still, we believe that one injury is too many and we remain fiercely committed to improving our workplace safety practices and culture every day.

We achieved 161 Perfect HSE Days in 2019,
a 5% increase from the prior year.

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Learning from experience

In addition to measuring safety performance outcomes, we use leading indicators such as observations, near misses, and stop work events to measure the health and maturity of our systems and to identify hazards. All employees are encouraged to take an active role in promoting a positive safety culture.

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Leadership engagement

We believe active leadership engagement is a key contributor to a strong safety culture and so we promote global programs to engage our leaders in HSE management through training, participation, and audits. We increased our leadership engagement in all areas in 2019, engaging 61% of our global people leaders in conducting 67,726 HSE engagements – a 69% increase versus the prior year

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HSE Management System

The Baker Hughes HSE Management System is an enterprise-wide framework that drives continual improvement in our HSE performance and legal compliance in our facilities and operations worldwide. Our management system comprises 15 elements and operational control procedures that detail the minimum standards for controlling safety and environmental risk in our operations. Our HSE Management System aligns with the requirements of ISO 14001, the Environmental Management System standard; and ISO 9001, the Quality Management System standard.



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Our commitment

Health and wellness

Our commitment to HSE goes beyond safety alone. Occupational health and wellness is a key competency managed within our HSE center of excellence. The importance of physical health, ergonomics, preventative health care, and mental wellness cannot be overstated in promoting a healthy, engaged, and productive workplace. Both for employees who are working on site, and for employees who work remotely, health and wellness programs are crucial. We work with our health benefits providers and internal teams to offer employees health and wellness programs, telemedicine access, smoking cessation programs, health screenings, immunizations, fitness eimbursements, and virtual wellness tools. Our employee resource groups and employee organizations organize healthy lifestyle events such as walks, runs, and virtual fitness programs to connect people and promote health and wellness.