Baker Hughes promotes respect for fundamental human rights as articulated in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Labour Organization Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. We advance respect for fundamental human rights by leading by example in our business capacity, with our business partners, and in the communities where we operate.

As a global company with growth in emerging markets, and as a provider to energy infrastructure around the world, Baker Hughes regularly confronts complex human rights challenges. Our approach to those challenges starts with our Human Rights Policy Statement, which outlines our commitment to respecting human rights wherever we operate and to demanding the same commitment from our business partners. Human rights protections are operationalized throughout our business and included as part of the company’s Fair Employment Practices Policy, our Code of Conduct, and the Integrity Guide for Suppliers, Contractors, and Consultants. These policies are communicated to employees, suppliers, contractors, and consultants annually.

Screenshot of Baker Hughes' Human rights policy statement
Safeguarding human rights

Human rights policy statement

Employees, suppliers, contractors, and consultants are encouraged to report any ethics or compliance matter without fear of retaliation. Baker Hughes makes available a number of resources and avenues for reporting so that concerns are reviewed and addressed, as described in our Ethics and Compliance Program.