Compliance and Ethics

Baker Hughes strongly believes that our operations must meet the highest standards of ethical behavior and legal compliance. Today's economic, regulatory and social climates have made integrity, good corporate governance and effective compliance management among our top business priorities.

We know that sustained high business performance demands a strong ethical culture. This is why we have developed a global best-in-class compliance program that hinges on the daily decisions and actions taken by thousands of Baker Hughes employees worldwide. We are proud that our program might serve as a model for other companies facing formidable global compliance challenges.

Our compliance culture is based on prevention, detection and response. We have established the proper tone from top management and have assigned the program's oversight and management responsibility to a vice president and chief compliance officer with active oversight from executive management and the board of directors.

We have established clear, global compliance standards and procedures and have assigned compliance responsibility and accountability to line managers and all employees. There is mandatory, customized training at all levels of our workforce.

Baker Hughes provides a robust and easily accessible reporting system for compliance violations to employees and other stakeholders, and we manage and investigate all allegations of misconduct and noncompliance in a timely, competent manner. Additionally, compliance with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) is a key component of our program.



Our compliance program consists of a rigorous, customized system of corporate governance.


Corporate Governance

Our Business Code of Conduct provides guidance on business conduct, ethics, and compliance standards and procedures for our directors, officers, and employees.

Business Code of Conduct

We must view compliance with all laws applicable to the Company's business as being the bare minimum for our operating conduct and recognize that ethics is something more.

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