Employee Security

The safety of our staff and contractors is paramount. In some countries in which we operate, this means accepting protection from host country military which may include the army, police, gendarmerie or para-military. Baker Hughes' Enterprise Security and Crisis Management Guideline Working with Police or Armies states that for any security arrangements to be approved and accepted, they must foster human rights and be consistent with international standards of law enforcement.

In engaging the military to provide protection, the following principles apply:

  • We respect international laws and those of the host country, in spirit and letter.
  • We ensure that all staff and contractors apply the highest moral and ethical standards, particularly to human rights as documented in the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights and the OGP guide Firearms and the Use of Force. We endeavor to ensure that the security forces working with us are properly trained and operate within the framework of the principles.

Any report of a human rights and/or security violation will be promptly investigated. Our employee resources such as the Business Help Line, the Business Code of Conduct Questionnaire and the Employee Survey help ensure human rights issues are identified and addressed.