Worldwide Contributions

Baker Hughes strives to make a positive community impact with charitable contributions at corporate, region and geomarket levels, as well as through the Baker Hughes Foundation.

Baker Hughes is a participant in building the economic well-being of a community. We recognize that being a good neighbor also means being responsive to the social needs of our community stakeholders. In countries where the highest concentration of our employees live and work, we explore opportunities to support social programs. This ensures that we make a positive and sustainable difference in the community. In our long history of contributing to worthy causes, we make education, health and youth programs our primary areas of focus in community contributions.

In 2014, Baker Hughes operating regions made contributions of more than USD 4.8 million to charities around the world. Of this amount, the Baker Hughes Foundation contributed about USD 3 million, primarily to organizations that target improvements in social sectors supporting education, health, youth, and culture.

2014 worldwide contributions by the Baker Hughes Foundation



Baker Hughes Foundation

The Baker Hughes Foundation is a non-profit organization created in 1994 to support a variety of social causes.


Community Impact Team

The individual strengths of our employees are leveraged by voluntary participation in charitable causes that enrich local communities.

Education Programs

Our support in education helps improve the capabilities and competitiveness of graduating students as they enter the workplace.

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