Center for Technology Innovation

Baker Hughes Center for Technology Innovation (CTI) is a $42-million research and engineering center in Houston. Opened in 2009 and located on a 14-acre campus, CTI continuously develops new solutions for the industry’s toughest completions and production challenges.

These challenges include extreme high-pressure/high-temperature (XHPHT), deepwater, production optimization, and big-bore completions.

The center is designed for effective collaboration with customers. We’re able to create new problem-solving products and technologies, which create additional customer opportunities. Collaboration offers greater integration and optimization for a wide range of applications.

Approximately 600 scientists, engineers, and technicians research and test these new solutions applying a systems approach. As oilfield challenges become more complex, you can rely on us to have the answers for you.

Our expert staff has the right tools to take ideas from concept to production with accuracy and efficiency. Four dynamic in-ground test cells rated to 40,000 psi [276 MPa] and 700 deg. F [371 deg. C] qualify technology for extreme operating environments. This is the world’s highest pressure and temperature capability for full-scale testing of downhole tools. The test cells are 75-ft [21.3-m] towers for easy manipulation of 40-ft [12.2-m] joints of large OD casing into and out of the bay.

The CTI campus has more than 30,000 square feet of dedicated research lab space. Equipment and tools—such as inductively coupled plasma (ICP) elemental analysis, X-ray fluorescence elemental analysis, X-ray diffraction compound analysis, and laser diffraction particle-size analysis—are used to research new fluids, elastomers, and materials. Researchers also are using a scanning electron microscope with sub-3 nanometer resolution for nanotechnology development.

Test cells, metallurgy, composites, electronics research labs, visualization centers, and rapid prototyping also are among our capabilities.