Dhahran Research and Technology Center (DRTC)

The Dhahran Research and Technology Center develops and transfers technology to increase hydrocarbon recovery in the Middle East. Emphasis is on unconventional resources.

From unconventional and deepwater resources to enhanced oil recovery (EOR), the Baker Hughes Dhahran Research and Technology Center (DRTC) in Saudi Arabia helps E&P companies in the Middle East address the region’s challenges by accelerating new upstream technology development and fostering collaboration. The 54,000-sq ft (5000-sq m) facility houses a full range of laboratory services, sophisticated testing equipment, and a diverse group of scientists and engineers, all focused on developing and transferring technology to improve drilling efficiency and optimize production from Middle East reservoirs. The center also serves as the Laboratory Headquarters for the Middle East Region Unconventional Teams for the development of tight gas and shale oil and gas resources.

The need for natural gas in the Middle East drives DRTC concentration on advanced wellbore completions, deepwater applications, and unconventional gas exploration and development. Bringing leading specialists together in a single facility moves research closer to the field. Engineers and scientists at the center share their analytical, petrophysical, reservoir engineering, and geoscience and geomechanics expertise with one another and with customers and universities to accelerate the development of new enabling upstream technologies.

In rock, fluids, and materials laboratories, scientists, engineers, and researchers from multidisciplinary backgrounds work to advance reservoir access and production optimization in both conventional and unconventional reservoirs. These laboratories also help educate a highly capable staff of Middle Eastern engineers and scientists.

State-of-the-art testing equipment allows testing to occur within the region. Quick results speed response time and facilitate new product development and introduction. The center staff work closely with customers and local universities to foster collaborative development efforts, ensure similar testing processes across laboratories, and nurture discussion as projects progress.


DRTC Rock-Fluids-Materials (RFM) Laboratories

Co-locating multidisciplinary experts at a single facility advances geoscience research and speeds development and introduction of new, advanced materials-based technologies.