Sustainable Technology

As a world leader in oilfield service technology, one of our objectives is to help customers develop energy reserves in an environmentally responsible manner.

The sustainable technologies we have developed include a broad range of products and services designed to help improve petroleum industry efficiencies and increase reservoir productivity.


Geothermal Drilling

We’re committed to the growth of the sustainable energy industry. Our reliable, high-temperature products and services have been used on 95% of the geothermal wells ever drilled.


Performance Chemicals

Baker Hughes develops innovative, cost-effective fluid systems that minimize impacts on the environment.


Water Quality and Conservation

As the environmental regulations affecting offshore drilling operations have become more stringent, Baker Hughes has successfully led the development of new green chemistries.


Carbon Capture and Storage

Baker Hughes is taking an active role to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through our involvement in worldwide carbon capture and storage projects.


Pumping Services

In 2010, Baker Hughes acquired pressure pumping technology through the acquisition of BJ Services.


Fluids Environmental Services

Baker Hughes is focused on creating innovative, cost-effective solutions to address the oil and gas industry's environmental responsibilities.


Chemical Automation Services

Baker Hughes SENTRYNET™ remote chemical automation solutions deliver sustainable benefits including reduced travel time; resource conservation, and smaller carbon footprint.