Chemical Automation Services

Sustainable automated chemical management solutions

Baker Hughes SENTRYNET remote chemical automation solutions deliver sustainable benefits including reduced travel time, resource conservation, and smaller carbon footprint.

Manually monitoring and administering chemical being injected at both land and offshore production sites can be challenging and problematic. Baker Hughes SENTRYNET chemical automation technologies and solutions enable operators to manage chemical applications while minimizing the need for frequent site visits. This reduces travel time, fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, along with minimizing exposure to health and safety risks.

The SENTRYNET Tank Monitoring and Data Management program captures production chemical tank activity by way of multiple sensor technologies. The devices send chemical tank data to the secure Baker Hughes website using wireless data communications, to enable field-wide remote visibility from any secure internet connection. Solar Power is used to power the Satellite Communications components. This enables more of a “just-in-time” chemical delivery process, which reduces the amount of on-site chemical inventories.

The SENTRYNET PCM Controller is a chemical injection pump control device which facilitates the amount of chemical consumed, by monitoring wellhead flow and continually adjusting injection levels to provide optimum dosing. This conserves chemical product and saves money.

This technology can also be utilized to minimize the risk of exposure to dangerous hydrogen sulfide (H2S) mitigation and treatment. Intelligent SENTRYNET H2S management can reduce the amount of H2S at the surface level, by treating downhole and monitoring via remote observation and even control. This significantly reduces the need for onsite personnel visits to make frequent injection pump adjustments and H2S testing.

These technologies and others are designed to be adapted to a wide range of applications, which remove or reduce the risk of exposure to dangerous elements and environments. Intelligent Oilfield Operations are becoming the standard for our industry and Baker Hughes has risen to the challenge and made HSE key to our technology development, along with our core culture.

Chemical Automation Services

Our services maximize production and increase process efficiency without human interaction. Lower cost, increase staff efficiency, and reduce HSE exposure.

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